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Collection: Mixed Up Nut Butter

Kent Arnold, Co-Founder of Mixed Up Nut Butter was devastated when a local store discontinued his Father’s favorite nut butter. So, in January 2020, just before his last semester at The University of Vermont Kent began recreating his Father’s nut butter. Beyond all doubts, it was love at first bite! Now it’s one of the company’s most popular flavors, “New Favorite.” Later in May 2020, the company was officially founded.

What They Do

Mixed Up makes craft nut butter from uncommon blends of tree nuts (not peanuts) and other minimally processed ingredients. Their nut butter is free of palm oil, refined oils, refined sugars, gluten, dairy, GMOs, flavorings, artificial preservatives, and other additives. 

Making healthy and delicious food doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s as simple as using quality ingredients with intent. Look at how simple their ingredients are. From a late-night craving to a breakfast toast topping, or a part of a plant-based ‘board’ on wine night, Mixed Up has a nut butter for every situation!