Vendor Requirements

1) Vermont Business: You must be a Vermont business 

2) Insurance: You must have proof of insurance 

3) Certifications: You must have proof of all of organic certification, kitchen/catering license or other licensure, as appropriate to your business as required by the state of Vermont or FDA. 

4) Tax ID: You must have a VT state tax ID number prior to your first day of vending at the market (Some businesses are exempt; contact the VT Department of Taxes for more information in regards to your business).

5) Quality
: You must have your products/services evaluated and approved by the Local Maverick team. We look for quality ingredients/materials, sustainability practices, community impact.  

Market Rules & What is Expected

Punctuality & Attendance

If you have signed up to attend on a specific day, you are expected to arrive on time for setup & stay during the duration of the market. Setup time will be communicated via e-mail prior to the event/market. For the safety of the market guests and other vendors, no one will be allowed to leave the market early. If you are unable to attend a market you signed up for, we ask for 5 days notice or a penalty of $50 will be issued (assed on a case by case basis). We understand life happens, so in the event of an emergency or inability to attend, please contact Local Maverick's team. If there are multiple instances where punctuality or attendance are an issue, you may be removed from the market schedule. This all applies for delivery orders as well. You must deliver Wholesale orders at the delivery time agreed upon or a fee of $50 will incur. 

Market Conduct

You are expected to treat all guests, vendors, and market staff with kindness and respect. We want to foster a positive environment for our community! If there are any conduct issues, Local Maverick LLC has the right and authority to remove you from future markets via their discretion. 

Space Assignments

Local Maverick will assign all vendors with a space. Space assignments will be made on a case by case basis. Factors will include product time, other participating vendors, etc. Local Maverick will send a booth assignment to all vendors prior to the market.  

Space Cleanliness & Clean Up

Vendors are responsible for leaving their space clean and trash/compost free at the end of each Market. All vendor generated trash must be taken home by vendors and not deposited in public trash receptacles at the market. 


Vendors are responsible for bringing their own displays, tents, etc. For outdoor events, all canopies must be weighted at each leg with a minimum of 25LBS. For indoor events, please try to condense your displays as much as possible to create more space.


We ask all vendors to report their gross sales at the end of each market


All vendors must adhere to sanitary procedures as outlined by the Vermont Department of Health. Any vendor found selling contaminated foodstuffs or produce, or selling in the Market without proper health precautions and permit licensure will be suspended from selling operations until satisfactory clearance has been obtained from the Vermont Department of Health and the Market Manager. All vendors must dress appropriately. Shoes and shirts are required

Payment & Fees

Payments and fees are due prior to the attendance of an event. If the agreement is revenue share, payments are net 30. Fees will vary depending on your vending agreement with Local Maverick.

Vendor Application Form

Please fill out the form below with the required information.