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Wolfpeach Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know Hot Sauce

Wolfpeach Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know Hot Sauce

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{ a disarmingly hot sauce }

Nuanced radical, romantic poet, dashing, disabled, bad boy, bi-sexual Lord Byron was described by ex-lover Lady Lamb as MAD, BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW. {He painted her as ‘a little volcano: the cleverest, most agreeable, absurd, amiable, perplexing, dangerous, fascinating little being that lives.} Charming casanova with devilish wit, this wolf steals hearts just to break them {but not before improving circulation, stoking digestive fire & banishing evil spirits, as chilis have done since ancient Aztec history.}

{honeyfield farm cayenne & fresno peppers, pitchfork farm habanada peppers, west farm onions, night rainbow farm garlic, generation farm thyme & rosemary with side hill cider mill raw, barrel-aged apple cider vinegar, wayeeses farm maple sugar, smuggler’s notch well water & celtic sea salt}

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