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Pure Energy Apothecary

Sinus & Chest Stick

Sinus & Chest Stick

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This cooling herbal formula eases both chest and sinus congestion so you can breathe easier. Our natural decongestant aromatherapy rub offers comforting relief making it easier to get through your day and rest well through your night.

Perfect for massaging onto your chest & neck area, upper back, and under your nose, and especially wonderful for foot rubs. Safe and gentle enough for everyone. 

Pure Energy Apothecary Sinus & Chest products are a "must-have" natural decongestant for colds, flus, covid-19, and even allergies.  Our thoughtfully chosen essential oils are jam-packed with breathe easy properties. 

Why You'll Love It

  • Aids in relieving chest and sinus congestion
  • Non-toxic, all natural, non-irritating
  • Supports the body's natural healing process
  • No nonsense, simply pure by nature

To the Rescue!

Apply as needed. to bottom of the nose, chest, forearms, bottom of feet, or as a back massage. Plus anywhere that needs extra soothing. Allow to soak in and breathe.

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