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Jenna's Promise

Local Blend Ground Coffee

Local Blend Ground Coffee

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This is our no-nonsense blend for the great people of Vermont (And everyone else.) Originally, this started as a blend that you could only purchase in Johnson, VT, however, due to its growing popularity, it is now available for purchase online. The local blend is a familiar, medium-light roasted blend of South-American beans. Flavor notes include: cocoa, dried cherry, with a light caramel sweetness. It’s a great daily driver!

12oz bag

Roasted for Recovery.

Proceeds from coffee sales directly support Jenna’s Promise. Jenna’s Promise was founded to help remove obstacles for those in recovery from substance use disorder. The foundation offers housing, clinical support services, workforce development, and community space.

With each purchase you can ensure that others have the opportunity to come together and thrive.

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