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Pure Energy Apothecary

Headache Salve

Headache Salve

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Pure Energy Apothecary's Headache Ease is a must-have for every headache management tool kit, purse, desk, workbench, toolbox, medicine cabinet, diaper bag, school backpack, computer bag, man bag, or murse.

Headache Ease doubles as a focus aid - perfect for school, work, and any project or hobby that requires attention to detail.

Slowly infused with thoughtfully chosen herbs such as willow bark, feverfew, skullcap, and lemon balm, and steeped with essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and sweet marjoram this little balm works hard to diminish discomfort and give you peace of mind. 

Why You'll Love It

  • Aromatherapy to help relieve stress
  • Mini massage to alleviate tension
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Reduce brain fog and increase focus
  • No nonsense, simply pure by nature


At the first indication of tension or pressure massage on temples, forehead, nape of the neck, and breathe. Relax your forehead, your face, release your tongue from the roof of your mouth, drop your shoulders, and breathe.

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