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Benito's Hot Sauce

Benito's Hot Sauce

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Local Tang: HOT! 1st Place Winner at the 2013 Hot Pepper Awards in NYC!!!  The local Tang is a fresh blend of fatali, habanero, and paper lantern peppers (UVM Catamount Farm- South Burlington, VT). I also add fresh onions , garlic and carrots to give this 3 chile blend a solid amount of death. This sauce is highly addictive! It has a sensational fresh vegetable flavor without the sodium, gums and starches of course! 

Mango Habanero: HOT! A fresh blend of organically grown habaneros from Honey Garden Farm in Norwich, VT and organic mangos. This sauce has an incredibly fresh flavor and is exceptional on any kind of chicken, white fish, shellfish, salmon or pork. Try it on grilled shrimp skewers and fresh grilled scallops!

Old Coy Dog: 


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