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Collection: Slowfire Bakery

Fresh-milled, naturally-leavened, hand-made, occasionally wood-fired, copiously-hyphenated breads and pastries. Slowfire uses local and regional flours for their doughs and the best cultured butter you can find. Pastries are filled with seasonal produce from dozens of local farms and orchards. The good stuff.

Slowfire Bakery Bread

The Slowfire Bakery Story

Slowfire Bakery was started in 2010 by Scott Medellin started in 2010. Over the years, Slowfire has claimed a consistent presence at the Burlington Farmer's Market, where their beautifully crafted homemade bread and pastries shine brightly. They often barter with other local suppliers for fresh produce and other ingredients to use in their recipes.

Bread, pastries, and more.

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