Sisters of Anarchy

Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream makes farm-to-cone ice cream using ingredients grown at their very own Fisher Farm. But wait, that's not all! Sisters of Anarchy make delicious "Superfood", elderberry and aroniaberry syrups. The high-quality ice cream, home-grown ingredients, and unique flavor profiles set their ice cream and syrups above the rest. Get a scoop, a pint, a bottle, or a variety pack at their farm stand, at catered and private events, and by mail order!

About Sisters of Anarchy

Farm-to-cone isn't used lightly.

 Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream

Unlike most ice cream companies, we don’t throw around ‘farm-to-cone’ just because it’s a catchy phrase. Their ice cream is, truly, farm-to-cone, made on-site at Fisher Brothers Farm in Vermont, almost entirely with flavor elements grown on the farm by the ice cream makers or sourced from other local ag operations.

They now also feature farm-to-bottle syrups – Sisters of Anarchy Syrupworks - to keep you healthy: elderberry syrup, aronia berry syrup, and an elderberry/aronia berry syrup combo, all made with the fruit we grow

Chaotic Ice Cream love, from the beginning.

Farmer Bob was a windsurfing bum and the Mother of All Anarchy was a cute waitress in Hood River, Oregon, the budding romantics discovered they had an ice cream consumption problem. A pact was made: no more ice cream unless it was made by the consumers. A quick call to a future grandmother, the assembly of a hand crank White Mountain Creamer, and they were in business, experimenting with and making ice cream nearly every night for the remainder of the summer. Fast forward 30 years, several careers and businesses, three girls, several dogs (they are not cat people), some cool cars, lots of kid coaching, multiple towns and cities, and here they are, back with a relationship largely controlled by their success and cooperation while producing ice cream.

Sisters of Anarchy Family Photo

On-Site Scoops, Pints, & Syrups.

Staying true to their anarchic nature, you'll find flavor combinations that push boundaries. Try the Beefy BlondeTM, loaded with blueberries, maple, and bacon, or SnapTM, a vanilla ice cream with homemade, half-baked ginger/chocolate/molasses cookies. You'll also find classic, reliable flavors like Plain JaneTM and Chocolate Safe SpaceTM. With high-quality, homemade ice cream and ingredients all from their own Fisher Farms, there is a SOA flavor to please everyone.

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