Come visit us and shop in store at 110 Main Street, Burlington Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays 10am-3pm & Saturdays 12pm-5pm! We are proud to work with over 100 Vermont farms, chefs, artists, and makers. 75% of our businesses are BIPOC or Woman owned/operated. We are always rotating through products and businesses so make sure to check back for new products!

Collection: Cato and Company

Cato and Company is a woman-owned and operated business out of Burlington, Vermont. Founder, Catie Owens, received the nickname Cato from her Grandmother. The same woman who taught her the importance of showing gratitude, often through cards. 

Cato and Co.’s mission is to cultivate seeds of connection, gratitude, and thoughtful action. 

1% of their profits go toward climate action organizations. They are also committed to using eco-conscious materials including recycled paper and wildflower seed paper. Wildflower seed paper cards are made from 100% post-consumer fiber and embedded with a variety of 6 North American non-invasive wildflower seeds. So not only do you gift a wonderful card, made with love, with every Cato and Co. purchase, but you also give your loved one the chance to grow beautiful wildflowers.

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