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Collection: Brio Coffeeworks

Magda and Nate Van Dusen are the proud owners of Brio Coffeeworks. Nate is a native Vermonter, who, in 2014 decided it was time for Vermont to get light roast specialty coffee (and we’ve been thanking him every day since)! In 2019, Magda was a Glitter Cat trainee and competed in the U.S. Brewer's Cup qualifiers. You can often find her behind the bar at the roastery! 

Together with the rest of the Brio Coffeeworks team, Nate and Magda serve their coffee in Burlington, Vermont. We are excited to offer a variety of their products at Local Maverick, all equally delicious. 

Brio is a Fair Trade certified roaster, meaning that nearly all of the coffee that they buy from small farmer co-ops is purchased above the Fair Trade minimum price plus a premium that they pay directly to Fair Trade USA. Their coffee that is not bought from co-ops consists almost entirely of unique, high-quality lots purchased from individual small farms at FOB prices that are well above the Fair Trade minimum price. 

Brio Coffeeworks is located in The Soda Plant at 266 Pine St Suite 116, Burlington, VT 05401!