Bee Happy Vermont

Bee Happy honey comes straight from their beehives in the hills of Starksboro, VT and the farmlands of the Champlain Valley. Their candles are hand crafted with 100% pure beeswax by owner and founder Pedro Salas. 

Bee Happy Vermont - Honey

The buzz.

Pedro Salas is the heart of the hive

Pedro Salas is a Vermont beekeeper, selling honey and hand-crafted beeswax candles at the Burlington Farmers Market and other local markets since 2000. His home in Starksboro, VT doubles as a workshop, where 10-15 hives are carefully tended to. On top of those, Pedro cares for 30 other hives in various farmlands through the Champlain Valley to source honey for his products.

Pedro processes his own honey, from which he also gets the beeswax to make his candles. Over the years in the honey business, he has begun to create other honey-based products, experimenting with Honey Mead, Honey Lemonade & Hot Honey Cider - with delicious success. Pedro regularly sells his go-to Honey Baklava & Pistolis, Lip Balms & Nutcracker Sweets, as well.

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