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Collection: Babette's Table

About Babette's Table: Erika Lynch grew up in Kentucky enjoying good, Southern food. She treasures fond memories of extended family gatherings with her great aunt, a cow farmer, presiding over colossal home-cooked meals. As a child, Erika equated food with the community. Her family showed love through the food they shared and the joy they found in leisurely meals spent together.

After years as a devoted educator, Erika began taking workshops on butchery, and, ultimately went to Gascony, France to study the old-world tradition of nose-to-tail butchery and French charcuterie with Kate Hill and Dominique Chapolard.  The philosophy of her mentors resonated with her childhood memories of food and community and her love of education and artistry.

Now Erika makes all her products by hand. She believes a process that has integrity should be obvious in the flavors of her meat. Try her products and see for yourself.