Agricola Farm

Agricola is a small diversified Italian farm in Panton, VT run by Alessandra (Ale) and Stefano (Steu). They specialize in raising and preparing gourmet meats and are particularly known for their pork. They raise Icelandic sheep, ducks and heritage chickens, for both eggs and meat, they produce salame using traditional Italian curing techniques, and they grow Italian varieties of vegetables and herbs. Their animals are lovingly raised on verdant pasture and they strive to farm in connection with our local ecosystem.

Agricola Farm - Diversified Italian Farm | Panton, Vermont

About Agricola Farm

A beautiful relationship between land and animals.

Agricola Farm is a combination of animals (pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, bees and farmers) and land (mostly pasture, some woods, and a vegetable garden). Operating under the belief that animals and land cannot be managed separately, they rely on a silvopastural system. This allows the use of our woods for heating the farm in the winter and, when the season turns, they provide animal shelter and pastures for feed. Intensive rotational grazing requires frequent moves of animals from a paddock to the next to minimize damage to the soil system, but provide fresh new grass the animals.

Because of this approach, the animals live naturally and our land is enriched by their byproducts, favoring the growth of vegetation that keeps our land healthy. The quality of meat benefits from this relationship, too. Our rotations favors the consumption of grass and legumes at their sweetest point, and the constant movement of muscles allows for healthier animals and more flavorful and healthy meat.  

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