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Eco Bean and Greens 

Eco Bean and Greens is the Burlington's 100% gluten free, GMO free and soy free food and beverage establishment, using organic produce and locally sourced meats and cheeses, with larger than average portion sizes, at an affordable price.

Good-for-you food.

The Eco Bean brand was started almost eight years ago by a local couple struggling to balance a busy lifestyle while trying to make a shift in their eating habits. They quickly realized the struggle was not unique to them so they decided to take the risk to do something about it. While there are plenty of places that boast farm to table, if you really drill down into the ingredients used more often than not you will find GMOs and other unhealthy additives and sweeteners. The level of integrity of every single ingredient used at Eco Beans and Greens is unmatched – from our house made nut milks to our superfood dressings and 24 hour bone broth, our customers are safe from any harmful toxins, regardless of food labeling laws.  

Healthy and happy.

Eco Bean Adapts to COVID-19

While we fortunately were set up from the beginning as mostly a take out restaurant with online ordering, with people leaving their houses less and less and working from home during COVID-19 we needed to adapt so that some of the amazing items you can get in our café were more conveniently available at home. We did this by formulating smoothie kits that can be blended at home, as well as bottling our salad dressings. Both our smoothies and our salad dressings have been staples that have "put us on the map" locally that has kept customers coming back in the door for more and more! 


Eco Bean Products

Dressings, to-go smoothies, and more.

People want to be healthier, eat cleaner and feel better about what they are putting in their bodies. We believe that food is medicine. Our menu items focus on quick, high quality and great tasting food and beverages for clean energy to get anyone through their day.

Eco Bean & Greens Products