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Bruetta Vemont

Bruetta, a loose-leaf tea company, originated in Ohio from the minds of Bruetta Vermont owner, Alex, his best friend, and his parents. Bruetta's claim-to-fame is their patented FilterLid - no more tea bags. One scoop tea, hot water and you’re done. The lid filters the tea at the top while your leaves fully expand in the entirety of your cup. It also works for ground coffee!

The Bruetta Vermont Story

After a move to Vermont, Alex now spearheads Bruetta Vermont on his own. He continues to lean on his Cincinnati counterparts to grow and supply teas from an region that is more conducive to growing high-quality products, but is a financially independent operation. Bruetta Vermont is now registered in-state, keeping all profits within it's borders. They company has expanded outside of their disposable FilterLid products to include reusable tumblers and filters, in hopes to adapt to the green and sustainable alternatives that are in high demand across the Green Mountain State.

Bruetta Adapts to COVID-19

Growing outside of Vermont, but seeking connections with the local community.

Because office tea sales and farmers markets are the primary sources of business, COVID-19 has forced a shift in attention to social media advertising and online sales. This brought new growth and opportunity, starting with a direct message to US Olympic Soccer star, Carli Lloyd. Before you knew it, Bruetta had two pro women’s soccer teams, Washington Spirit, and NJ SkyBlue, promoting Bruetta tea and tumblers. Avid rap listeners, the cofounders had tumblers made for Chuck D of Public Enemy, DMC from RUN-DMC, Tribe Called Quest, and MC Serch from 3rd Bass.

As these influential figures tried the product and spread the word, they saw sale grow. Now Dave Chappelle’s summer camp crew uses Bruetta products, MC Serch advocates for the tumblers on his popular podcast, and free sponsorship during online women's pro soccer game streaming. This growth has been rewarding, but, without attending fairs, events, and farmers markets during the pandemic, the connection to the local community is what Bruetta Vermont is missing.


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Only sourcing the best ingredients and teas from around the world, blending them to perfection so their taste is second-to-none.

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Proudly selling Cooper Moon coffee beans, grown at high altitudes within tropical climates where the soil is rich with nutrients—this is the key to growing great coffee.

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Innovative products to improve your beverage experience, from BruLids, to FilterLids, to reusable tumblers.

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