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{ brain power powder }

King of the neuro-trophorestoratives, lion’s mane lords over this raw cacao mix. Made from both the fruiting body & mycelium, this mix contains the full spectrum of nootropic compounds available in lion’s mane & cordyceps to inspire new brain cell production, support memory, focus & nervous system health. Blended with flavonoid-rich raw heirloom cacao {referred to by Guido Masé as 'mysterious, nocturnal jaguar's food'}, the mountain lion's maple sugar & dandelion's bitter bite, this powder delivers calm & focused euphoria to your cup. Peaceful Harvest’s steam activation method optimizes the bioavailability of the lion’s mane, so no steeping necessary, just stir 1 heaping tablespoon into a cup of hot water with a splash of cream, whisk into warm milk, add to coffee, sprinkle onto oats, yogurt or smoothies.

{ peaceful harvest steam-activated lion’s mane & cordyceps mushroom powders, burrough's raw cacao powder, oshala farm dandelion root & wayeeses farm maple sugar }

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