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Wolfpeach Foxy Cleopatra Hot Sauce

Wolfpeach Foxy Cleopatra Hot Sauce

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{ a hot & sultry sauce }

Shagadelic baby! This is a whole lotta sauce. Bright & juicy cherry bombs & jalapeños flirt with a sultry storm of strawberry, ginger & rose in this bewitching bottle of sexy spice. Femme fatale Foxxy Cleopatra here to do with style & grace what chilis have been doing since ancient Aztec history: battle bacteria, boost circulation, stoke that digestive fire, jazz up any feast & banish evil spirits. Hot sauce in the bag swag. Bow down. Keep cool to prolong longevity.

{honeyfield farm cherry bomb & jalapeño peppers, adam's berry farm strawberries, last resort farm ginger & egyptian roses with side hill cider mill raw barrel-aged apple cider vinegar, wayeeses farm maple sugar, smuggler’s notch well water & celtic sea salt}

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