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NU Chocolat

Signature Truffle Assortment - 9 piece

Signature Truffle Assortment - 9 piece

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Nu Chocolat truffles are the absolute perfect chocolate experience! They are masterfully handmade in small batches using traditional Swiss techniques. They use fresh Vermont cream & butter combined with the finest Single Origin chocolate in the world. This combination of superb ingredients and expert craftsmanship results in an exceptional chocolate experience in the form of a smooth, silky, melt in your mouth truffle. Made with fresh herbs, spices, and fruit purees for flavor.

9pc boxes typically contain one of each flavor:

Winter Rosemary Orange

Dark Caramel Ganache

Passion Fruit

Cardamom Coffee

Fresh Garden Mint 

Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Vermont Bourbon

Signature Colombian Dark Chocolate

Single Origin Madagascar

Wild Grown Bolivian

Enjoy within 14 days of purchase. Products do not contain preservatives.

Store in a cool dry place. Do not refrigerate.

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