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Shrubbly Small Batch Sparkling Shrub

Shrubbly Small Batch Sparkling Shrub

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Made with a healthy shot of an old-time fruit and honey-sweetened apple cider vinegar mixer called a Shrub and Sparkling Water (Yep, Shrub + Bubbly = Shrubbly®).

Good straight from the can or as a mixer!

Crafted in small batches with fruit from their farm and other common wellness shot ingredients. 

Lemon + Ginger + Aronia BerryRefreshing tanginess from lemons combined with the sweet tart of aronia berry and a slight kick of ginger. 100% plant-based. 0 grams of sugars and only 5 calories from real squeezed fruit. Whole30 approved and ideal for Vegan, Keto and low/no-sugar diets.

Pomegranate + Aronia Berry:  Lightly tart from pomegranate and aronia berry, sweetened slightly with honey, with the subtle spice of cardamom.  Only 6 grams of sugars and 25 calories per can from real squeezed fruit and honey. 

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