Frolic Cheese


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  • Soft Cheese, Washed Rind 
  • Roughly 0.6 pound cut of cheese 
  • This cheese is best enjoyed fresh, soon after the package arrive
  • Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Rennet, Cultures, and Salt 


Frolic is a very special cheese, named after a very special cow. She was a part of Marjorie and Marian’s herd in the early 90’s when they were milking 35 cows, making cheese from that milk, shipping the rest to a local processor, and also growing vegetables. All of the cows were tested and given a score for their quality of milk, overall production, and other features that cow folks are in to. During classification, Frolic received an excellent score of 94 as a first calf heifer. Marjorie said she was “quite the looker” and that people came from all over to see Frolic for themselves. Orb Weaver wanted to honor Frolic by naming this cheese after her, and all of the cows that continue to frolic in their pastures to make delicious milk. 

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