Farmhouse Waxed Cheese


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  • This cheese has been aged in waxed and will last indefinitely if it remains in its coating
  • Comes as a wedge, Vaccum sealed in packaging (See 2nd picture below)
  • Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Rennet, Cultures, and Salt 


The waxed cheese is Vermont’s original farmhouse cheese. In the early ’80s, the landscape of artisan cheese was not what it is today. The idea of having a small herd of cows and turning that milk into cheese was radical, and Marjorie and Marian were the pioneers in this movement. They created this unique cheese and the recipe has remained the same since they first developed it. Back in the day Marjorie and Marian made the two-pound thinking it would serve as the perfect size for a family. Today Orb Weaver makes it in small quantities to serve the same purpose and to honor the tradition.

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