Valentine's Day Marshmallows


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A little sweetness, a little lightness - exactly what we all need right now! Give the unexpected and unique gift of marshmallows from Vermont's premiere marshmallow confectionery this Valentine's Day. The perfect way to show your love love, friend love, fam love, or self love. Made WITH love (by The Marshmallow Girl), guaranteed. 

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Choose from:

The Classic Romance Box - $18

Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, When Harry Met Sally... there's nothing like a classic to return to again, and again, and again. This is why Toasty Vanilla and Dulce de Leche, the two flavors that launched the company, are always in the rotation - sweet classics you can rely on.

The Adventurous Romance Box - $18

Featuring our two Valentine's Day exclusive flavors: Strawberry Rose and Passionfruit Coconut. One is sweet and sensuous, the other is bold and dangerous. What better way is there to spend Valentine's Day?

The Sweet Everythings Box - $35

What's more romantic than sweet, surprising variety paired with not making any decisions? Unf. Gimmie. The Sweet Everythings Valentine's Day Box includes both the classics and the Valentine's Day exclusive flavors: Toasty Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Strawberry Rose, and Passionfruit Coconut.

The Date Night Cocoa & Marshmallow Kit - $30

The sweetest surprise for you and your sweetest person. Cozy up together with the most lux cocoa and marshmallow experience you've ever had. Featuring your choice of marshmallows and NuChocolat's perfectly luxurious hot cocoa mix. Melt these pure chocolate shavings into your choice of hot milk or coffee, and enjoy a delicious, rich, soothing chocolate experience.

Thank you for your support! When you choose marshmallows this Valentine's Day, you're not only showing your favorite person love. You're also showing love to a small, Vermont-native & woman-owned business, and helping to make a dream come true.