8 Pack of Heirloom Organic Corn Tortillas


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Making tacos, quesadillas, or enchiladas? We've got you covered!

These six-inch diameter tortillas are All Souls original fresh-ground nixtamal-based offering. They are made from an organic open-pollinated corn from Lakeview Organic Grains in New York. This corn has a beautiful golden hue and the steam coming off of them is redolent with "corn-ness".

The Wapsie Valley corn they use in these is one of the best tasting varieties they've come across out of the dozens they've trialed over the years. They are on the 'flintier' side of dent corn and so have a hearty toothsomeness that is great in tacos and holds up particularly well in enchiladas, or as quesadillas. 

See the best way to warm them upHow To | All Souls Tortilleria (allsoulsvt.com)

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