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Stony Pond Farm

Certified Organic Farm | Fairfield, Vermont

They are a family-owned, certified organic farm specializing in farmstead cheese and naturally raised grass-fed beef, humanely-raised veal and pastured pork. Their mission is simple. Live freely as part of a farm entity whose primary purpose is to share food that is healthy for the environment, the mind, body and the soul. It is all one, and the happy, fulfilled, prosperous farmer that shares life with blissful contented cows, passes on food to the consumer unmatched in quality.  


FIND THEM AT THESE LOCATIONS: Maverick Market | Dedalus | Healthy Living | Cheese Traders | City Market | Family Cow Farmstead | Bread and Butter Farm.
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Small-batch cheese, grass-fed beef and veal, and organic milk.

Stony Pond Farm
336 Emch Rd, Enosburg Falls
VT 05450