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Sobremesa is a family-run fermented foods company based at Wool Folk Homestead on 8 acres in northern Vermont. They specialize in creating fermented foods including kimchi, sauerkraut, and seasonal products using certified organic produce from local partners like Full Moon Farm, Pete's Greens, Friends & Neighbors Organic Farm, The Last Resort Farm.

About Sobremesa

Fermenting since 2014.

Sobremesa began in 2014 under the stewardship of husband and wife team, Jason and Caitlin Elberson. In November of that year, they moved to Marshfield, Vermont, where they spent the next five years developing and refining their creative product line of organic, local fermented vegetables. In 2019, they moved to an 8 acre homestead outside of Burlington, Vermont. Here they produce kimchis, krauts and kombuchas in their on-farm commercial kitchen. They rotationally graze Icelandic sheep for meat and fiber, laying hens for organic pastured eggs, and meat birds for organic pastured chicken. They are grateful to be raising their children in such a beautiful place. 

Link to website for Sobremesa
Link to website for Sobremesa

Why Fermented Foods?

They chose to focus on ferments for a number of reasons. Fermented foods physically nourish the body and mind. By providing a product made with love and intention they are nourishing the soul. “Sobremesa” is a Spanish word that refers to the time spent lingering around the table after a meal, sharing food-induced conversations. Their name encourages mindfulness, togetherness, and slowing down. Sobremesa is a time to digest and savor food, family, and friendship. These connections are the heart of their vision: to provide their community with local food year-round through traditional methods of preservation.


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