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Sangha Studio 

Vermont's first and only non-profit, donation based yoga studio | Burlington Vermont 

The word sangha translates from the Sanskrit language as “community”. Sangha Studio serves as a place where we can all feel supported and encouraged within our community, in our yoga practice, and in our lives. Sangha Studio opened in February 2014. From the beginning they had a goal of making yoga financially affordable and accessible to all. Sangha Studio offers 100% donation-based class and Sustaining Memberships where members can practice as often as they want. Everyone is invited to join their mission and become a Sustaining Member! Learn more here

What They Are Doing and How You Can Support! 

Online Yoga Classes:
CoVid-19 Response: They have provided over 250 free classes for our community! 

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Sangha Studio – South
150 Dorset Street #310
South Burlington, VT 05403

Sangha Studio – Pine (Mailing Address):
120 Pine Street
​Burlington, VT 05401

Sangha Studio – North:
237 North Winooski Ave.
​Burlington, VT 05401


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