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Rectified Bourbon

There are no embellished stories on the label - it's Bourbon. Rectified in Vermont. Rectified Bourbon sources their bourbon, rectifies it through their proprietary carbon treatment process, and blends for consistency. The result is a smooth sipping bourbon and an affordable base for cocktails. Rectified Bourbon is operated out of a shared space at the Wild Hart Distillery in Shelburne, VT.

About Rectified Bourbon

Designed for the bartender and priced for the consumer.

Rectified Bourbon aims to provide a high quality and versatile bourbon at an approachable price point - all while being transparent about the process. Many distilleries source their spirits - which is called rectification - and do their best to hide that information. Rectified Bourbon wanted to be open about their product, hence the name.

As a cocktail-bar or restaurant owner, it can be a challenge to make a quality cocktail with a craft spirit, while considering the margins. At $29.99, Rectified Bourbon offers a high quality bourbon that is dynamically served, up and down the bar. As a bartender, it can be frustrating to work with a fancy, cumbersome bottle - the contents of which are usually deemed too precious to mix in a cocktail because of the price point.

Rectified Bourbon’s 750ml bottle opens easily, fits any standard speed pourer, and seats nicely in a speed rail. The balanced bottle makes for speedy service and creative repurposing once empty. 


Rectified Bourbon

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Bottled at 90 proof, with a mellow sweetness from corn, balanced by a slight rye spice in the finish, there is enough body to enjoy it in a cocktail, yet smooth enough to serve neat or on the rocks. With 21% rye in the mash, Rectified Bourbon is not limited to standard bourbon cocktails; it provides the versatility to play well in any whiskey drink. Rectified Bourbon is suitable for every occasion and is meant to be enjoyed, not coveted - it is your daily driver of bourbons and will not let you down.

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Available in VT liquor stores for $29.99.

Operated out of a shared space at Wild Hart Distillery in Shelburne, Vermont.

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