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Stephanie, founder of Pames Provisions, was inspired by her Mastiff pup, Jameson Pameson, who experienced both physical and neurological health challenges that were eased with her homemade CBD treats. With a refined recipe using Jameson’s favorite combination - pumpkin, peanut butter, and CBD - Stephanie now aims to provide a better life for other pups and their owners through CBD dog treats, made right in Burlington, Vermont.

The Dog That Started It All.

Jameson Pameson 

Pames Provisions was started to better the life of Stephanie's then dog, Jameson. His nickname was Jameson Pameson, then it just became Pames. Being an older Mastiff, he suffered from achy joints, stiff muscles and anxiety. After a few weeks trying CBD, Jameson became a much happier boy! He began running around like a puppy again.

A few months later, Jameson needed an MRI because of a couple bad falls. It turned out that Jameson had been suffering from a Neurological disorder called Cervical Spondylomyelopathy, also known as Wobblers Syndrome. It's a common degenerative disease that is found in large and giant-breed dogs. After reviewing the MRI, the Neurologist determined his case would not benefit from surgery and was surprised Jameson was even still walking on his own. Jameson was only 5 years old and still had a few good years left. Stephanie was determined to help her dog and began experimenting with CBD treats.

Link to website for Sobremesa
Link to website for Sobremesa

After finishing culinary school, Stephanie hoped to start some kind of food business and CBD was all the rage. She loved seeing how it impacted the overall wellness of Jameson. With some recipe experimentation and a great taste tester, Pames Provisions was born!  

Stephanie now lives with her Newfoundland, Hudson in Burlington, VT. She operates all production out of her home and Hudson runs the quality control department. Though Jameson is no longer with us, Stephanie thinks of him often and will continue to build his legacy and memorialize him through Pames Provisions. 


Pames Provisions Products

CBD Dog Treats.  

CBD and its many benefits are yet to be recognized by the FDA.In some cases it has been known to help dogs who also suffer from anxiety, seizures, tumors, loss of appetite, mobility and overall aches and pains. The effects of CBD are still being studied so there is no guarantee that it can treat or prevent any of these concerns and the results may vary. It is best to consult with your veterinarian before use of this product. 

Out of Burlington, VT.

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