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Nu Chocolate

Chocolate & Coffee Shop | Burlington Vermont

Combining Swiss-trained chocolatiers, state-of-the-art Belgian equipment and a Scandinavian sensibility.

Born in 2018 in Burlington, Vermont, NU Chocolat is the culmination of a family journey that began decades ago and spans several generations. NU is committed to bringing the finest sensory experience to its customers through its interpretation of classic standards while boldly pushing the edge of innovation. 

The Toohey family business story

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They offer same day Local Curbside Pickup for Vermonters! Fill out your Vermont address at the checkout screen and select “Curbside Pickup” and proceed with your checkout process!

Notice: Curbside Pickup is available Wednesday - Saturday between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm! 

Online Ordering - Curbside Pickup 
Call: 802-540-8378

Local Family Chocolate Business


NU Chocolat
180 Battery Street, Suite 110
Burlington, Vermont

Wednesday-Saturday: 10:00pm-3:00pm 
Sunday: 11:00-5:00