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Misüba offers premium teas both traditional and herbal. All their teas are loose leaf, made from quality organic ingredients and are sustainably packaged by hand in small town Vermont. No plastics, no micro-plastics and no false claims here. You can feel good about consuming Misüba teas!

Be kind to yourself. 
Be kind to other people. 
Be kind to the planet. 

Misüba is more than just a tea company. For centuries, the wellness benefits of drinking tea and herbal infusions have been highly regarded. Misüba teas are each chosen or formulated with specific intent in mind — but maybe the most beneficial of all, is the simple act of taking 10-15-20 minutes out of your day to slow down, brew a flavorful cup and just be.

About the Misüba Founder.

Mindy Barsky

Misüba was founded by local Shelburne resident and certified tea blender, Mindy Barsky. Inspired by years of travel in Australia where having a “cuppa” is a daily ritual, tea soon became a bit of an obsession — which in turn lead to a fascination with herbs and botanicals that can be wonderfully beneficial to our health and wellness. And with that, the inkling of creating a wellness based, organic and sustainable tea brand was born. Returning to Australia to become certified in tea blending sealed the deal. And over the course of 2020, amidst the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic, she set out to combine 20 years experience building brands and designing products with a desire to create something truly special both inside and out — something with both your wellness and that of our planet in mind. 


Misüba Specialties

Be Energized.

Jasmine & Rose • Organic Green Tea 

contains caffeine • loose leaf • apprx 12 servings

This lovely green tea derives its unique flavor from real jasmine flowers and fragrant rose petals. Its smooth and delicate yet provides an instant boost of energy — plus, loads of antioxidants.

An organic blend of sencha green tea, rose petals, and jasmine flowers. Brew 1 tsp of tea at 170• F for 2 min.  

Be Restored.

Echinacea Elderberry • Organic Herbal Tea 

naturally caffeine free • loose leaf • apprx 12 servings

A mild and easy to drink blend that balances citrus and floral notes, this restorative elixir is laden with immune boosting properties and vitamins A & C — the combined goodness of powerhouse ingredients echinacea, elderberry and rosehips.

An organic blend of rosehips, hibiscus, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, elderberries, marshmallow leaves, and echinacea angustifolia. Brew 1 tsp of tea at 210• F for 5 min. 

Be Warm.

Chai Spice • Organic Black Tea 

contains caffeine • loose leaf • apprx 12 servings

A well-balanced, sweet and spicy brew made from a warming blend of black tea and traditional spices. wonderfully therapeutic steeped alone or steamed with the milk of your choice for a rich and creamy chai drinking experience. 

An organic blend of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black peppercorns. Brew 1 tsp of tea at 180• F for 3 min.

Be Serene.

Chamomile Lavender • Organic Herbal Tea 

contains caffeine • loose leaf • apprx 12 servings

The balance derived from calming chamomile and soothing lavender may lull you into a peaceful slumber when sipped before bedtime — but it’s equally as good anytime you feel the need for a quiet tea break.
An organic blend of chamomile and lavender. Brew 1 tsp of tea at 210• F for 5 min.

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.