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Marketplace Fitness

Fitness Center & Personal Training | Burlington Vermont

Getting and staying fit is important for a long and healthy life -- let Marketplace Fitness be a part of your journey. Their friendly and professional staff creates an inviting space for everyone, young or old, new or experienced. They believe that with a strong body and mind, you can accomplish anything. They strive to provide a supportive fitness environment that will help strengthen you for all of life’s events. They invite you to be part of their incredible community, and look forward to helping you accomplish your goals! 

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How They Are Adapting to the 'New Normal'

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Marketplace Fitness has been providing various live group fitness and yoga classes via Zoom. They are featuring body weight based exercise videos on Facebook, Instagram, and their Youtube channel. And their personal trainers are also available for one on one remote Tela-personal training sessions.

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Marketplace Fitness
29 Church Street
Burlington, Vermont

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