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Last Resort Farm

The Last Resort Farm is a family-owned, certified organic berry, vegetable, and hay operation on Tyler Bridge Road in Monkton, Vermont. The 272 acre family farm was purchased by Sam Burr and Eugenie Doyle in 1986, and is now operated by son Silas. They raise 80 to 90 acres of hay for sale, collect maple sap from 1,200 taps, grow 15 acres of small fruit, vegetables & cover crops, and sell eggs from a small flock of chickens. 

About Last Resort Farm

A Farm with Roots.

Located on the northeast corner of Addison County in Monkton, the 272 acre family farm was purchased by Sam Burr and Eugenie Doyle in 1986 from the Shattuck family who had been dairying there for 150 years. The Doyle-Burrs operated the farm as a conventional dairy until 1993 when low milk prices prompted them to sell the Jersey herd and re-imagine the farm as an organic hay and produce operation. After the 3-year transition period they became certified organic and quickly established a strong reputation for quality. In the winter of 2017, son Silas took over farm operations and now raises 80 to 90 acres of hay for sale, collects maple sap from 1,200 taps and grows 20 acres of small fruit, vegetables, cover crops & hemp. The farm operates an on site farmstand, a Farm Share program, retails at three local farmers markets, and wholesale to area schools, restaurants, and to food stores in Burlington, Williston, Winooski and Bristol.

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Silas Doyle-Burr: Owner/Operator

Born and raised on Last Resort Farm, it took a two year stint traveling and working as an agribusiness consultant in Southeast Asia for Silas to realize the true value and necessity of his parents’ operation. This prompted a return to the farm in 2011, where Silas has since worked to update and develop the farm’s production and business practices to expand the operation and better tackle the ever changing obstacles the farm faces. After learning the ropes from his parents, Silas signed a lease to own agreement with them and has taken over management of the farm that began in March of 2017. He aims to balance sustainable growth and expansion while retaining the same commitment to quality and continuing to properly care for the land as his parents have since 1986.

Sam Burr & Eugenie Doyle: Co-Owners

Sam Burr and Eugenie Doyle have been farming together since 1980. Originally conventional dairy and strawberry farmers they sold the cows and transitioned to organic production methods in the early 1990’s. They have been certified organic by VOF, a division of NOFA-VT since 1998. Their 280-acre Monkton farm in beautiful Addison County, Vermont, was formerly operated by the Shattuck family for 150 years. In 1992 it was conserved with the Addison County Community Trust / Vermont Land Trust ensuring that the land will remain in agricultural use.


Last Resort Farm Products

12 oz Maple Syrup
12 oz Maple Syrup

12 oz Maple Syrup

8 oz Maple Syrup
8 oz Maple Syrup

8 oz Maple Syrup


Neighborly syrup.

2246 Tyler Bridge Road,
Monkton, Vermont