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Hudak Farm

Hudak Farm is an ecological farm and unique farm stand featuring an abundant selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits, picked fresh daily. They remain dedicated to the organic health of soil and the quality and flavor produce. Spring and early summer greenhouses are full of meticulously grown geraniums, bedding plants, signature hanging baskets, herb and vegetable plants, and local perennials. Produce, flowers, and plants at the farm stand in Swanton, VT as well as at the Burlington Farmers' Market and many local supermarkets and stores. 

Hudak Farm Adapts to COVID-19

At this time, the best and safest way to shop continues to be through online purchases. Orders will be processed and items set aside until the plants are ready to leave our greenhouses. Many of these items will not be ready until mid-May. Mulch, topsoil, and compost purchases are also processed online. When arriving for pick-up, call the farm at 802-527-1147.

​For in-person visits, several safety procedures have been implemented as mandated by the state. Masks must be worn on the premises with gloves highly encouraged. Adherence the 6-foot social distancing rule using markers in place around the farm is required. Please come shopping alone to limit the amount of people in our greenhouses.

Greenhouses have been organized to allow a specific number of people at a time. Because of this, please plan to only spend 20-30 min shopping to prevent long wait times for others.

Please consider taking advantage of non-peak hours (earlier in the morning or later in the evening). 


Hudak Farm Specialties


Beginning in early June, their pesticide-free strawberries ripen. Hudak offers pre-picked or pick-your-own. Special attention to soil health produces a beautiful berry with a flavor far superior to those typically found on supermarket shelves. 

Hanging Baskets

Hudak greenhouses are full of carefully potted pre-designed hanging baskets grown with composted soil. They pay special attention to plant versatility while choosing the strongest varieties for our location. Custom hanging baskets can be ordered from Hudak Farm from late April through mid-May. 


For over 40 years Hudak has focused attention on producing the best quality and flavor through soil health and careful selection. Rather than a tomato that's designed for shipping, they strive to sell a fruit that's bursting with fresh tomato flavor. They offer heirloom, cherry, and premium slicing tomatoes.    


Garlic lovers and meticulous cooks will appreciate the size and flavor of our garlic varieties - German Porcelain and Russian Rocambole - selected for their superiority in these two attributes.   


One of the central attractions on the farm during the Autumn months is the antique cider press, bustling every weekend from mid-September until November. You can watch the apples being pressed and try a sample of our delicious fresh cider along with a homemade cider donut! 


Their Berkshire breed pigs are pasture-raised & fed vegetable field seconds supplemented with local dairy byproducts & milled corn. The result is delicious, healthy pork that you can buy from the retail freezers, bulk boxes, or by the whole hog. Contact to reserve a hog! 


For over 15 years Alexei Hudak has been tapping a small Maple grove on the farm, collecting the sap with buckets and boiling over a wood-fired sugaring arch. This effort produces a flavor that is unique to the traditional production method. 

In partnership with the Northwest Solid Waste District

Composting with Hudak

Hudak collects food scraps, yard waste, & brush from communities over a 25 mile radius including local schools, large businesses, grocery stores, and community members like you. This collection not only diverts waste from entering the landfill, but also allows otherwise discarded organic matter to be turned into a highly valuable source of fertility.

Visit the Hudak Farm website for more information regarding prices and drop-off locations located along Route 7. Please feel free to contact Hudak Farm with any further questions regarding their composting program.

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