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All Souls Tortilleria

All Souls Tortilleria makes tortillas, masa, hominy, and chips from scratch every week in their bakery in the Old North End of Burlington, Vermont.

Adapting to COVID-19

A Statement from All Souls Tortilleria

"Since the onset of COVID-19, we have had to grapple with how to continue to safely show up for work in a way that is mindful of employees, customers, and vendors. While putting in new systems that effect, we have likewise had to juggle the logistics involved in honoring employees' family commitments in the face of closed childcare centers and schools. It has been a wild and difficult ride that we are grateful to have gotten through with our community.

Like many other producers we have seen our food service accounts struggle. We have shared in that struggle to some degree as numerous accounts reduced their usage by more than half of the levels we had seen in 2019. We have been saved by a more than doubling of our retail sales, by being fortunate enough to form new partnerships with new restaurants in the Northeast, and by the collective efforts and creativity of the food service sector in general to reinvent themselves over the course of the year to a world of take-out and delivery-based business. We consider ourselves very fortunate and feel deeply for folks who have had to endure greater struggles than our own."

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All Souls Tortilleria Products

Corn tortillas. Corn, water, and lime - that's it.

The lime All Souls used is a mineral lime, not citrus. It is an integral part of the nixtamalization process at the heart of their products, and any traditional corn tortilla. Their Hearty Heirloom line features organic Wapsie Valley corn primarily from Peter and Hannah Martens Farm in Penn Yan, NY. Some of their Wapsie Valley is sourced from Aurora Farms in Charlotte, VT. 

191 North Union Street, Burlington VT 05401

(802) 373-7212