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Agricola Farm

Diversified Italian Farm | Panton, Vermont

Agricola is a small diversified Italian farm in Panton, VT run by Alessandra (Ale) and Stefano (Steu). They specialize in raising and preparing gourmet meats and are particularly known for their pork. They raise Icelandic sheep, ducks and heritage chickens, for both eggs and meat, they produce salame using traditional
Italian curing techniques, and they grow Italian varieties of vegetables and herbs. Their animals are lovingly raised on verdant pasture and they strive to farm in connection with our local ecosystem.

Pigs of Agricola Farm

About Agricola Farm

A beautiful relationship between land and animals.

Agricola Farm is a combination of animals (pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, bees and farmers) and land (mostly pasture, some woods, and a vegetable garden). Operating under the belief that animals and land cannot be managed separately, they rely on a silvopastural system. This allows the use of our woods for heating the farm in the winter and, when the season turns, they provide animal shelter and pastures for feed. Intensive rotational grazing requires frequent moves of animals from a paddock to the next to minimize damage to the soil system, but provide fresh new grass the animals.

Because of this approach, the animals live naturally and our land is enriched by their byproducts, favoring the growth of vegetation that keeps our land healthy. The quality of meat benefits from this relationship, too. Our rotations favors the consumption of grass and legumes at their sweetest point, and the constant movement of muscles allows for healthier animals and more flavorful and healthy meat.  

Agricola Farm Stand
Agricola Farm Birds

Meet the Farmers.


Alessandra, originally of Lake Como, is the founder of Agricola Farm. Over 10 years ago, she set out on a mission to achieve a lifestyle that balanced self-sufficiency, closeness to nature, and endless italian salumi – salami, prosciutti, coppe, salsiccie. In Italy she honed her knowledge on pigs, with thanks to some very old style butchers (norcini) and to the University of Parma. Her respect for animal welfare and her motivation for wholesome food brought her to raise a couple of hogs per year; after 10 years she has a farm with 100 + pigs and less control of her life/mind.


​Stefano joined Ale in 2015 after finishing his studies in Agricultural science and earning the title of Agronomist. He came to the US from Torino to learn about farming in the United States, only to find himself involved in an Italian Farm in the middle of Vermont. His professional training drives the farm toward the goal of sustainable farming, focused improving soil health and animal welfare. These values, and his Italian stubbornness and bluntness, make for the perfect collaboration and lively exchanges between the two farmers. 


Agricola Products

BFM Direct salame link


Our hand-tied and cured salame is made using a traditional Italian recipe with pigs that we raise on our pastures. Each link is stuffed and tied by hand using old techniques and are then aged in our modern, state-of-the-art Italian curing cabinets. Salame ships everywhere in the US.

Pastured Meats

Our pork comes from pigs raised on pasture. We do all of our own meat cutting at our USDA-inspected facility. Pork is sold fresh or frozen depending on when you order and when we deliver. We butcher twice a month. 

Handmade Pasta

Using eggs from our pastured hens and Kings Arthur's Flour, we make fresh tagliatelle and ravioli. They take about 4 to 5 minutes to cook and are made fresh on day of delivery. 

CSA Boxes

We have two meat CSA options to choose from: pork & lamb OR pork & beef (from Meeting Place Pastures). Our meat CSAs include around 20 lbs of pastured meat delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly over the course of four weeks. Feeds a family of two for a month. 

Agricola Farm Stand
2674 Jersey St
Panton, VT

OPEN DAILY: 8:00am-8:00pm