Vermont Fermentation Adventures (VFA) is a small batch fermentery, creating delicious kimchi, krauts, pickles and kombucha in the Moretown Village. Their goal is to heal the world - one gut at a time.

Vermont Fermentation Adventures Kimchis, pickles, and krauts.

About Vermont Fermentation Adventures

Founder and fermenter, Beki Auclair.

 Vermont Fermentation Adventures is powered by the skill and passion of Beki Auclair. She aims to create healthful and beautiful foods and drinks with ingredients sourced from neighbors - local (and largely certified organic) farms, their own small gardens, and the Vermont landscape. VFA offers a cast of year round "steady Eddies," whose ingredients might shift slightly depending on the season, and are rounded out with a variety of seasonal products that come and go as the harvest allows.

Beki Auclair Vermont Fermentation Adventures

Kimchis, pickles, and krauts.

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