Dry Oyster Mushroom Medley


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0.5 Ounce package of dried Oyster Mushrooms from FUNJ Shrooming Co. These beautiful mushrooms are the perfect addition to soup, or rehydrated and added to any meal! This 0.5 oz package of dried mushrooms yields approximately 5 ounces of fresh mushroom! 

Benefit: Mushrooms are shelf stable and stay fresh for up to 1 year before rehydration 

Preparation For Rehydration: 1) Simply rehydrate mushrooms in hot water for 30 minutes 2) Strain them 3) Cook them as you would fresh mushrooms  and enjoy! It's that simple.  

Note: If you see white fuzz on your mushrooms don't be alarmed, it's simply mycelium (mushroom roots)! Oyster mushrooms will naturally grow mycelium all over, and it is completely safe to eat. 

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