FUNJ Shrooming Co

FUNJ. Shrooming Company is an urban mushroom farm that provides people with delicious, sustainably cultivated mushrooms.

FUNJ Shrooming

The mushroom mission.

FUNJ. Shrooming Co. strives to get delicious fungi onto people’s plates, but they also seek to be much more than that. FUNJ. represents an exploration into the natural world — an Indiana Jones-esque venture into unknown territory of flavor and healing. Among a backdrop of fads and frustrated foodies, FUNJ. promises to let curiosity lead the way and discover what hidden morsels there are to be found.

The Shrooming Story.

Founder and owner Kevin Melman began FUNJ. Shrooming Company in August 2019, out of his long-lived adoration for all things fungal. Since his grungy teenage days, he always loved exploring for whatever interesting fungi he might find in his suburban New Jersey hometown. He studied Wildlife & Fisheries Biology at the University of Vermont, and after graduating in 2018, he set off to find new ways we can live more sustainably.

Having developed a passion for cooking and food science in college, Kevin began studying food systems and their effect on the global environment. The idea of making an economy “circular” appealed to him, and he was constantly thinking of ways to incorporate fungi into the sustainability movement. After all, they are some of earth’s best recyclers! Following a gig in craft brewing and some odd jobs, he decided to pursue something that checked all his personal boxes of food, environmental stewardship, and science: growing mushrooms.

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