Farmhouse Crackers with Nettle Salt | 4oz bag


Wildcrafted Crackers with Nettle Salt from Frog Hollow Farm in Hubbardton Vermont. They are perfect to add to your cheeseboard, picnic, or simply as a snack. 

Ingredients: Locally grown organic red wheat flour, honey, salt, farm-harvested and derived nettle. 

Frog Hollow Farm: They grow heirloom vegetables the way nature intended, without chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. They are passionate about providing food for our community that is healthy, nutrient-dense, and delicious. Their farm is intensively planted, ecologically driven, and minimally tilled to create a living soil tha t is rich in organic matter. All of their animals are humanely raised, without unnecessary antibiotics or vaccines, and are left to freely graze throughout the pastures.