Conscious Eatz

Conscious Eatz is a 100% plant-based food truck serving food that is healthy, fresh, and fueling. Founders are driven by their passion for spreading consciousness of personal health, the environment and the animals who live in it.

Conscious Eatz Food Truck

More About Conscious Eatz.

Conscious Eatz was born out of a love for plant-based food. Their mission is to create and share food that is conscious of having a positive impact on personal health, the environment, and animals. Through love for good food, they hope to spread awareness for the true benefits of exploring plant-based cuisine.

Delicious vegan "eatz", good for you and the planet.

Explore the benefits of plant based eating! New to vegan food? Take a taste of chia pudding, tempeh, cashew-based cheeze, and more - you won't be disappointed.

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