Big Gear Coffee

Big Gear Coffee is a small batch coffee roastery in Montpelier. Founder and one-man-operator, Paul Dayton, sources sustainably grown coffee from around the world, working mostly with Genuine Origin, a purveyor of green coffee beans with boots on the ground, helping farmers work toward a better life and planet.

Big Gear Coffee

About Big Gear Coffee

Planting the Bean

Big Gear Coffee started with a personal “what’s next” search. In need of a change after years of hobbies and jobs – working with kids, tennis coaching, crafting furniture – Paul Dayton wanted to try something new. 

On the way back from a “what’s next” soul searching trip, he drove past a small van with a cool coffee roasting logo on the side. Combining the appeal of a hands on process, appreciation for good coffee and food, and an outlet for creativity, a coffee bean was planted! Paul immersed himself in the process of coffee roasting and started a small roastery of his own. Big Gear Coffee Roasters was born on that trip home!

Paul at Big Gear Coffee

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