Local Maverick - May 04 2020


"Very unusual or remarkable"

thank you vt heroes


Being Extraordinary was created to highlight stories of people making a positive impact on our communities. We believe we are all capable of being extraordinary and making a positive impact and those around us. During these crazy times we have seen countless acts of extraordinary heroism. Our goal is to tell as many stories of the people behind the masks. 

Every month we will be highlighting an extraordinary community program as part of our "Thank You VT Heroes" campaign. For our first series we have partnered with the Vermont Foodbank 

We hope this is a place for you to learn, draw inspiration, motivation, and bring joy into your life.

"The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”– Jim Carrey 


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SHOW. Purchase our "Thank You Local Heroes" shirt from our store to show your support! All proceeds in the month of May are donated to the VT Foodbank.  

DONATE. Donate directly to our community partners. Help the VT Foodbank here

GIFT. Support our Local businesses and Local Heroes at the same time by purchasing a gift box here

SHARE. Do you have a story of a person or community member you think should be shared?! Tell us here! Also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Join our Newsletter! 

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