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Windfall Orchard

Windfall Orchard produces high-end and award-winning cider products blended from delicious heirloom apple varieties grown on a small, family-run orchard.

About Windfall Orchard

Family run. 3 acres. Award-winning ciders.

Windfall Orchard is a small 3 acre family run orchard featuring over 100 varieties of apples, as well as pears, plums, and cherries. They pess fresh an award winning un-pasteurized sweet cider, Hard Cider and Ice Cider in addition to fresh fruit. The apples used are 100% sourced from their orchard located in Cornwall, Vermont, sourrounded by a panoramic view of the Green Mountains and beautiful in every high and low of New Englands seasons. If you'd like to see it for yourself, stop by the tasting room, right off the orchard. The small family operation was featured in Forbes magazine as one of "12 Spectacular Ciders You've Never Heard Of".

The Roots

Orchard love and care from the beginning.

In 2002, Brad and his wife Amy, bought Windfall Orchard, a small but unique orchard full of many unusual varieties planted by Dr. Ted Collier in collaboration with local orchardist, and friend, Art Blaise. The original orchard home only to Macintosh and Empire trees, Ted and Art added many heirloom varieties barely found in the area, including the Winter Banana and the Westfield Seek-No-Further. Brad continues this tradition by grafting new varieties, especially apples suitable for cider.

Owner and orchardist Brad Koehler works daily to nurture all the trees, from pruning to grafting to thinning and more. At the orchard, we have over 80 different apple varieties across our three-acre orchard, each requiring special attention and maintenance.  They've adopted the “integrated pest management” (IPM) approach to taking care of an orchard, using preventative measures to protect against pests and closely monitors pest levels.


Windfall Orchard Products

Farmhouse Cider

The European style hard cider debuted in 2014 and immediately made a splash in the cider community. They press and blend 20 different apple varieties including heirloom apples, traditional cider apples, and dessert apples. This traditional cider gives a fantastic taste of place that can only be found at Windfall Orchard. It's the winner of the highest distinction -- 2016 GOLD for Heritage Cider -- at Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition.

Fun Fact: We are the only company in the United States to use the unique Italian 500 ml bottle that our cider comes in!

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Ice Cider

It's sophisticated dessert wine made from apples produced with adherence to it's Québécois origins: pressed in early winter and set outside to freeze in Vermont's naturally cold climate. The frozen cider is brought into the winery where it is melted to obtain a sugary concentration that is then fermented, while the water remains as ice. The result is a unique dessert wine with 9% alcohol, 15% residual sugar, and plenty of natural acidity to create a well balanced taste experience.

Windfall's ice cider is unique; it's produced by blending over 30 traditional and heirloom apple varieties grown in Vermont's southern Champlain Valley - the heart of Vermont's historic apple growing region. Traditional cider varieties are mixed with New England's great dessert apples: Northern Spy, McIntosh, and Cortland. Our Ice Cider also includes old chance seedling varieties that only exist at Windfall Orchard. It's said to be "ultimate blend" of great apples.

2012 DOUBLE GOLD at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
2013 BEST IN SHOW at the Greater Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition

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Keep watch for the release of their Farmhouse Perry, coming this fall. This limited offering is made variety of pears grown and fermented on the orchard, using the same process as our Farmhouse Cider.

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1491 Rt 30
Cornwall, VT 05753
(802) 462 - 3158

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