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Wild Hart Distillery

Wild Hart Distillery aspires to create classic spirits with daring complexities that make them relevant to contemporary lifestyles, all while embodying Vermont; the contemporary, the quirkiness, and the accessibility. They are... Aggressively Vermont

Holiday boxes and local delivery!

Wild Hart now runs at-home deliveries to Chittenden, Addison, Washington, Grand Isle, and Franklin County. What more can you ask for than the best local spirits delivered to your door, while you stay safe and warm in the comforts of your own home?

Well...you could order one of Wild Harts new Holiday boxes! Not only will you find Wild Hart products inside, but an incredible variety of other locally produced treats as well. It's a collaboration you won't want to miss! 

A Vermont Distillery, through and through.

When alcohol is made it comes out in three stages: heads, hearts, and tails. Wild Hart found it fitting to spin traditional industry terminology into their name. Hearts are what are drank from the production process. Sticking to their Vermont roots, they represent these drinkable hearts with the red deer, or hart, that can be found in Vermont. The hart is also a nod to the owner’s roots and love of the outdoors, which became the foundation of their "Aggressively Vermont" image, branding, and sense of place.
Wild Hart spirits are meant to refine daily life the Vermont way; with a strong drink, family, friends, and fierce flavors.

Keeping Spirits High.

Wild Hart Adapts to COVID-19

Given that large scale foodie events were cancelled, Wild Hart opted to connect with consumers by adding all the farmers markets (seven total) to their agenda. Doing so, they hoped to get closer to where people shop in their communities. In addition, they added another tasting room location and added curbside pickup options. On top of these, they also began offering home delivery once Vermont COVID-19 restriction allowed.


Wild Hart Distillery Products

Gin, rum, vodka, limoncello, and more.

Classis spirits or creative infusions, Wild Hart products are sure to satisfy. Learn more about specific offerings below.

Wild Hart Distillery Products


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Tasting Room
96 Church ST
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Burlington, VT, 05401
(802) 495-0771

26 Sage CT
Shelburne, VT, 05482
(802) 922-1520