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Slowfire Bakery

Fresh-milled, naturally-leavened, hand-made, occasionally wood-fired, copiously-hyphenated breads and pastries. Slowfire uses local and regional flours for their doughs and the best cultured butter you can find. Pastries are filled with seasonal produce from dozens of local farms and orchards. The good stuff.

The Slowfire Bakery Story

Slowfire Bakery was started in 2010 by Scott Medellin started in 2010. Over the years, Slowfire has claimed a consistent presence at the Burlington Farmer's Market, where their beautifully crafted homemade breads and pastries shine brightly. They often barter with other local suppliers for fresh produce and other ingredient to use in their recipes.

Slowfire Bakery Adapts to COVID-19

With more time and work on their hands, Slowfire hopes to find ways to partner with the local community.

More time, more work, and more growth. However, the amount of time invested in packaging and maintaining our wholesale business has prevented the creation the new possible partnerships - a big motivation for their recent move.

In the extra time they've had, they've pivoted from pursuing more accounts with retail food establishments to working more with farmstands, CSAs, etc. When business with restaurants dwindled,  partnerships with those pickup-based models increased. Pickups have become prominent industry-wide, so they have accelerated this platform from their original home location. They are hoping to slowly build pickup or retail business at their new location in the later on, but, in the face of these challenging times, Slowfire is optimistic that the other windows recently opened will prove fruitful.


Slowfire Bakery Products

Breads, pastries, and more.

Craving fresh wheat, masa, or country bread? Homemade croissants? Find Slowfire Bakery here at Maverick Market, or checkout their order form at the link below! 

Slowfire Bakery

(804) 514-7289


4008 VT 108 S

Jeffersonville, VT 05464