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Fortify Foods

Fortify Foods offers fresh, raw mini-cakes. Raw, real, live food. They like to satisfy the sweet tooth for the entire family with supremely healthy options, without the spin out of sugar. This is their passion, their mantra. 

The "Why" of Fortify Foods

Have a serious penchant for desserts, yet realize the importance of a powerful nutritional punch and not wanting the sugar blues? This is the why of Fortify Foods. 

All of their products consist of clean, pure, organic ingredients. Nut butters are prepared fresh daily. Powerful superfoods and micronutrients - farm fresh dates, blue spirulina, super-food mushrooms, chia seeds and hemp hearts - add to the total health of each happy cake.

Challenging times, but never compromising taste.

Fortify Foods Adapts to COVID-19

Fortify launched their products just days before lock COVID-19 prompted the national shutdown. This delayed, and in some cases completely detoured, several retail locations which had originally invited us in. On top of this, crowds at the Farmers Markets were quite a bit leaner than paste, slowing sales further. By partnering with Local Maverick, they hope to reconnect with their customers and provides their delicious and nutritious cakes to anyone that might want them.


Fortify Foods Products

Happy-cakes and Cheetah Shakes. For anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Fortify Foods fresh (raw) happy-cakes and shakes can go anywhere you go. Going skiing, or to yoga? Kids need a school lunch? Pop a couple Savage Brownies. Packing light for a camping trip? Toss a Cheetah Shake in your bag for an instantly nourishing snack - just add water! All of their nutrient-dense, scrumptious products are mindfully crafted and undeniably delicious.

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