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Douglas Sweets

Douglas Sweets is a family and woman run sweet shop, beginning as an out-of-home shortbread bakery distributing to local co-ops and independent markets and now producing cookies for shortbread lovers across the country. 

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A Sweet Start

In 2008, Debra finally persuaded the father of her children to support her dream of taking their four teenagers backpacking around the world. Setting off from Vermont in the early morning of December 2nd, they said goodbye to the comforts, security, and regular communication in VT  and flew to their first stop in South America, Peru. For the next two years, they lived in isolation from family, friends, and home - in the welcoming arms of the backpacking community around the world. Traveling on a shoestring budget, they stretched every dollar to make the adventure last. Two years and 45 countries later, they were homeward bound. It was time for the kids to head off to university and for Debra to start the next chapter of her life.

With no money and 18+ years of home-maker experience, Debra's options were limited. That Christmas brought a season of homemade gifts - a hit among friends and family thanks to her family shortbread recipe. A comfort food and family specialty, Debra knew that the shortbread, with support from friends, was the foundation of her new business.

Her daughter, Hannah, jumped on board after university. The duo worked tirelessly to move our company out of the house and into a new bakery facility. Scaling up the baking process, they could take on new retail customers and spread throughout New England.

A Note from Debra.

"We are shamelessly proud of our product. We are very deliberate with all our choices from ingredients, recipes, packaging, and our representation as a small business. We love good food and it was something we made sure to convey through our own products. We have reintroduced shortbread with a unique twist of chocolate, spice and exciting flavors.

We produce a very thoughtful and delicious product and we hope you enjoy it immensely. "

- Debra


Douglas Sweets Products

Shortbread and sweets for all.

Shortbread cookies based on a go-to family recipe, tailored and creatively adapted to develop new flavors for VT and beyond. Family and woman owned and operated.

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22 Sage Court, Suite 2
Shelburne, VT 05477

Women-Owned & Operated
Family Owned
Made In Vermont

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