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A small-batch maple granola company based out of Vermont, producing delicious flavors of keto/paleo granola. 7 ingredients make up each high-protein, healthy snack, topping, or treat.

Granola dreams

Cut carbs, never flavor.

in January of 2017, founder Chantal weighed 286 pounds when she started a low carb, high protein program. She learned to cook and bake through her weight loss journey. In just 15 months she lost 135 pounds and has kept the weight off. Since then she has worked with others on their weight loss journey and created Bakeology. 

Bakeology is a Keto/Paleo granola that Chantal has created for many of her weight loss clients. They are great option for breakfast, a snack, a yogurt topper, delicious with cream and berries, over a low carb ice cream ...even a recovery snack after a good work out. Now we are excited to share this delicious granola with you! 


Bakeology Products

The Original Bar | Garuka Bars
The Original Bar | Garuka Bars

The Original Bar | Garuka Bars


Small Batch Maple Keto  Granola

7 main ingredients. Low in carbs, high in protein and taste.