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ALKAME CO is a collection of everyday elixirs and herbal tonics made and formulated by herbalist Rachael Keener. Her powders are crafted with love and skill and make having a daily wellness ritual easy and enjoyable. Scooped into a drink, blended into a smoothie or mixed into your food—ALKAME CO formulas are a nourishing and delicious way to do self-care.


The Tale of the Tonics

An herbalist with over a decade of experience working with plants (including 3 years of school studying clinical herbalism) - and a strong culinary background - Rachael Keener's muse and expertise lies in herbal formulation and recipe development. When crafting ALKAME CO's line of herbal powders, she places great care on both the art and science of formulation. Each of her formulas is more than the sum of it’s parts.

It’s about alchemy and how all of those parts marry—synergizing together and enhancing one another. Sometimes this synergy can be understood via research that has been borne out in a scientific laboratory, sometimes via wisdom that has been passed down through hundreds of years of traditional use and sometimes through Rachael's own extensive experience listening to and working with plants. The result is a tasty product line infused with reverence, expertise and intention. 

Good for you, the community, and the earth.

Social & Environmental Integrity

ALKAME CO upholds the mission to support individual, collective and environmental health and vitality via top-quality herbal wellness products. 100% of our ingredients are organic—as well as local and fair trade wherever possible. From ingredients, to packaging, to shipping materials, to the folks and businesses who we choose to partner with - every single part of how we do business considers and prioritizes having a positive impact on the planet and the people who inhabit it. 

Rachel has cultivated relationships with local herb farms, direct trade suppliers and wholesalers who are committed to transparent, ecological growing practices and fair compensation throughout the supply chain. Some include Foster Farm Botanicals (Calais, VT), Zack Woods Herb Farm (Hyde Park, VT) and Diaspora Co. 

ALKAME CO is consistently seeking ways to support racial justice initiatives and the work of BIPOC owned businesses — whether through sourcing, collaboration, fundraising or donating herbs. Please reach out if you have an ask, ideas or are interested in collaborating.  


ALKAME CO. Products

Healing and helpful tonics and elixirs.

Making the bridge between herbs and food fun, accessible, and delicious. Need a mood boost? A warming restful beverage? Or maybe an energizing, vibrant green matcha tonic. Whatever your body needs, ALKAME CO. can point you in the right direction.

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